FM & Digital Radio information

Mainland TV provides a contact point, technical advice and acts as an agent for operators who use masts it leases that are on hills close to the audience for the best possible range and reception for low and high power, private, not for profit and commercial TV & Radio stations to share costs.

Mainland TV does not own, use or operate any radio transmitters but brokers space to parties along side TV transmitters we use to share the site costs. Mainland TV operates radio 1 on the digital TV platform along side Freeview. Any other party can rebroadcast the Radio 1 (VOA) signal that is on the Digital TV platform along side Freeview. Anyone can rebroadcast it online or on fm.

For details ph 021 999 858 or email.

We also organise contractors to design, build and operate Radio & TV stations in NZ & overseas.

Contact the operator / owner / website info for stations below

Air 1 - 88.0 FM Blenheim

Air 1 - 88.0 FM Nelson

Air 1 - 107.3 FM Golden Bay & Motueka

- 106.7 FM Blenheim #

WOL - 87.8 FM Nelson

WOL - 107.5 FM Golden Bay & Motueka

Calvary FM - 87.6 FM Nelson

Truelight FM - 87.6 FM Blenheim

Daystar FM - 106.7 Nelson

Daystar FM - 107.3 Blenheim

Daystar FM - 106.7 Golden bay & Motueka

Word of Life FM - 107.5 Blenheim

Word of Life FM - 106.9 Richmond

VOA FM 88.3 Nelson

VOA FM 107 Motueka & Golden Bay

VOA - 88.3 FM Blenheim

VOA - Radio 1 on Digital TV Platform

The Overcomer - 107.7 FM Marlborough

Truelight FM - 107.7 FM Nelson

Truelight FM - 107.7 FM Golden bay & Motueka



Solomon Islands


Cook Islands



Mainland staff have design TV stations, Radio stations, Digital Production systems, Networks and Satellite systems throughout N Z and the Pacific Islands.

# NB Transmitters are Not operated by Mainland TV ltd but may contain some FTA public audio programming which anyone if free to rebroadcast with written permission

- NB Under the Privacy Act we can not list the person/s who are responsible for each LPFM radio station however if you contact Mainland TV Ltd they will pass on your enquiry and have the owner / user contact you. You may be able to contact the owner / operator via websites as advertised on these stations as above.

Some of the above stations are technically supported by G Watson Box 262 Motueka #

The name Mainland broadcasting and Mainland Radio / FM are used given we are in the South island but it is not a company nor owned or operated by Mainland TV Ltd

All transmitters are 1w eirp mono and are located high up on hills so coverage is a minimum of 20km line of sight and a maximum of 60km. Stations marked * are high power licenses


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