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We have been in business and debt free for over 30th years which proves our adverting is very effectively and it works very well so we can help your business grow.

(Limited spots available)

Yes  Mainland TV, Radio & Online has been broadcasting across the Nelson, Tasman, Golden Bay & parts of Marlborough regions for over 30 years proving our advertising works very well so we have a special offer.

For only $149 per week + GST you will get
10 x 30 second ads on TV per day
10 x 30 second ads on FM Radio per day
Your ad goes online with links for websites

Be in Quick - Limited number of these packages

Everyone in our UHF broadcast area that is tuned into the Networks on Freeview can also watch Mainland TV channels as TV's automatically tune us in so you can take market share from the big boys at a fraction of the cost.

Numerous Banks and Economists have been warning for some time about a down turn and now the RBNZ officially confirms we are in a recession. This is a critical time to secure your business's future by expanding your local, loyal customer base so you are their first preference.

Mainland TV, Radio & Online can keep your name up front to loyal locals in the Nelson Region.
All our customers report business is very good and even through Covid we went out of our way to help and they are all still good customers today. Its in our interest to make sure you do well, as that helps us.

All our customers have been advertising with us every day* for over 15 years and some over 25 years.
Mainland has been in business for over 30 years, so our effectiveness is well proven.

Our special advertising package supports local businesses as we do not broadcast ads for nationwide chain stores unless there is a local factor.

All we need is a copy of your 30 second TV ad in English, 16:9 in MPG or MP4 format and we use the audio file for radio. Your ad production company can arrange all this. After 1 month you can cancel, pause or delay any time with 1 weeks notice as we program ahead a week.

There are plenty of good production companies in the region that produce adverts such as:-
Ash Sowman from Sowman Films – Phone 027 257 9027   -
Chrissie Small – Phone 027 417 1713 -

Most effective adverts include the owner, key personnel, clearly show the products or services you sell, your location and full contact details etc. Humour, cute features, famous people and customer testimonials are all good to use in ads.

Whilst we include Online advertising in the package, many of our customers don’t like the fact that Search Engines keep offering their competitors ads in searches for many weeks.

We look forward to working with you and your team to help you grow and secure your future.

If you need some help please contact me

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Gary Watson - Director
Mainland TV, Radio & Online
133 Waimea Road (Box 595)
Ph 03 546 6567
Ph DDT 03 548 8877
Ph 021 999 858  ( Best contact as I am out of the office a lot )