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New Zealand

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10 TV channels &

2 Digital Radio stations - Content via Mainland TV

channel 1 - Satellite feed through

channel 2 - Satellite feed through

SBN - USA - Satellite feed through

NHK Japan - Satellite feed through

Mainland TV channel 5 - Repeat library channel

Mainland TV channel 6 -Repeat library channel

Angel TV-India - Satellite feed through

Daystar - USA - Satellite feed through

EWTN - USA - Satellite feed through

Mainland TV channel 10 - Available for lease temp camera

Radio 1 - VOA USA Satellite feed through

Radio 2 - Overcomer Radio USA Satellite feed through

NB - Most of the following Radio stations are maintained by G W 133 Waimea Rd Nelson

The following are the Audio sources, the operator / broadcaster & contact details / stream of all feed through local Radio

.. - 87.6 FM Nelson - Tasman

Truelight FM 87.6 FM Marlborough 107.7 FM Nelson, 107.7 FM Tasman, Motueka, Golden Bay

Air 1 NZ - 88 FM Nelson Tasman - 88 FM Marlborough & 107.3 FM Motueka & Golden bay ...

Daystar Radio NZ 106.7 FM Nelson, 106.7 FM Tasman, Motueka & Golden Bay & 107.3 FM Marlborough

CSN Radio NZ - 87.8 FM Nelson, 107.5 FM Tasman, Motueka Golden Bay & 106.7 FM Marlborough

WOL - 107.5 Marlborough & 106.9 Richmond

VOA1 NZ - 88.3 FM Nelson & Marborough & 107 FM Golden Bay

106.9 FM Marlborough music testing

Technical services

We design, build, program and provide training for TV, Radio stations, WIFI & Online services in NZ and overseas.We can arrange the use of broadcast site facilities in 5 locations across the top of the South Island of New Zealand for Digital TV, Cellphone sites, Radio, WiFi and general communications.

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We have a team that designs and builds custom electronic equipment,

antennas and technology for specific requirements.

We can show you some very successful working models.


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If you need Digital, TV, Radio, Wireless Internet, satellite systems TV & Radio digital automation systems or Digital media production facilities or technical assistance call us today

For further information about our communication services please call, or email us

Technical references

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